General Information


To hold space on a definite basis, a signed contract and a 10% initial deposit is required. Chateau royal reserves the right to provide an alternative function room best suited for the group should the number of guests attending the function or room set up differ from the original contract.

Guest Guarantee

A final guest guarantee will be required 72 hours (3 business days, Monday through Friday excluding holidays) prior to your event. After this time, any decrease in guest number will not be allowed. Should guaranteed numbers not be received, the estimated number will be used as the guarantee. Final charges will be based on the guaranteed number of attendees (or the number of persons for which the event was originally booked, if no guaranteed number was provided) or actual number served, whichever is greater.


All food and beverage served on site is to be provided by Chateau Royal, the only exception being wedding and special occasion cakes. Any other outside food is subject to management approval. In accordance to health and safety regulations, Chateau Royal prohibits guests from removing any food and beverage products after a function, except for wedding and special occasion cakes.


Chateau Royal is a fully licensed venue, and as such, all alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages sold on the premises remain the responsibility of Chateau Royal in accordance with the regulations stipulated by the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RCAJ). All beverage products and related services are provided exclusively by Chateau Royal. For the health and safety of our guests, alcohol service may be denied to those individuals who appear intoxicated or under the legal drinking age. The venue reserves the right to request photo identification from anyone requesting or consuming alcohol at an event.

Menu Pricing

Menu selections and all other details of your event(s) are to be finalised a minimum of two (2) weeks in advance in order to guarantee availability. Prices are subject to all applicable taxes, which will be added to the final balance for all food and beverage. All menu prices and room rental charges are subject to change without notice to reflect current market conditions.

Special Meals | Children | Vendor meals

Chateau Royal will gladly provide special meals for any guests with dietary needs not met by the event menu, including but not limited to vegan, vegetarian and specific food allergies. We strongly recommend that you ask your guests in advance of any food allergies or dietary restrictions; please confirm this information with your catering manager three (3) business days before your event so meals can be prepared accordingly. Guests may choose a children’s menus for those under 12 years of age. Vendor meals can be provided and would consist of chef’s choice of appetizer, chicken entrée, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage.

Labour Charges

Once the function room has been set to the agreed-upon specification, an hourly labour fee will apply should changes be required.

SOCAN & RE:Sound

A fee is paid to the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN) for your right to use copyrighted music during your event. This fee is dependent upon room capacity.

Re:Sound is the Canadian not-for-profit music licensing company dedicated to obtaining fair compensation for artists and record companies for their performance rights. This fee is dependent upon room capacity.

All events with musical entertainment, live or recorded, are subject to both SOCAN and Re:Sound charges, which is a one-time, flat fee per event. The fees collected by these two agencies are licensing fees and/or distributed as royalties to the original artists, and do not represent any revenue for Chateau Royal.


Chateau Royal does not permit any article to be fastened onto the walls or electrical fixtures. The use of tacks, tape, nails, screws, bolts or any tools, which could mark the floors, walls or ceiling, is prohibited. Painter’s green tape and white “fun tack” are acceptable. Chateau Royal will hold the undersigned responsible for any and all damage to the Property. The conveners for any function are held responsible for the members of their group.

We request that no confetti (or similar) be used on the premises. A clean-up charge of $250.00 minimum will apply if confetti is used.

Open flames are prohibited in all of our function rooms. Candles in an enclosed container (e.g. Votive), where the tip of the flame is at least one inch (2.54cm) below the lip of the container, are acceptable.

Smoking laws of the province of Quebec prohibit smoking at all times in any public space or function rooms within Chateau Royal.

Setup & Dismantle

Personal effects, décor items, and other equipment must be removed from the function room at the end of the function. Chateau Royal is not responsible for damages to, or loss of, any article left at the venue prior to, during, or following any function by the guest. Items recovered will be recorded and stored in our secured lost and found room.


All meeting rooms are equipped with standard power. A Cam-Lok can service additional electrical requirements; a $100.00 fee applies. Additional costs will be assessed for electrical requirements above and beyond the standard usage.

Wireless and high speed internet access is available in all meeting rooms and on-site. Dedicated Bandwidth is available, please inquire with your catering manager for details and pricing.

Direct dial in phone lines are available in each meeting room at a cost of $50 per day.


Requests to place promotional materials and signage in the centre should be directed to your catering manager. Signage is not permitted in the main lobby. All signage should be of professional quality and are subject to management approval.

Audio Visual

Projecson is the official supplier to Chateau Royal and offers complete audio visual planning service, skilled technicians, state of the art equipment, and service which are responsive to your every need. Arrangements can be made through your catering manager.


A receiving dock with a maximum height of 2.44 m (8’) provides delivery access for vendors. All hired vendors must follow Chateau Royal Policies and Procedures. Vendor arrival times and information must be communicated to the catering department a minimum fourty-eight (48) hours in advance of an event. No vendors are allowed to enter through the front lobby of the convention centre.

Shipping Material

All material should be addressed to:
Organization and contact’s name
C/O Chateau Royal
3500 Du Souvenir, Laval, Québec H7V 1X2
(Name of event, date of event, contact name for event)

Chateau Royal is pleased to receive and assist in the handling of boxes and packages. Due to the limited storage space, we are unable to accept shipments earlier than 2 days prior to the event. Please coordinate the pickup of items immediately following your event as Chateau Royal will not be responsible for damage to, or loss of, any articles left on the premises after an event.

Inquiries & Reservations

TEL: 514.333.1000
FAX: 450.688.0564